Frequently Asked Questions

Prices listed on this website are subject to change without notice.

How do I place a rental reservation?

Rental reservations may be placed during normal hours of operation, Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM and on Saturday, 9:00 AM to 1:30 PM. Reservation deposits may be made in person or by telephone (with a major credit card). A 50% Reservation Deposit is required to take items out of our rental inventory and hold them for your event. EMS Customers are encouraged to place their rental reservation at least 60 days prior to the event (or delivery) date. During peak season (April through June and October through December), 90 days advance notice is a good rule of thumb (and will help ensure that we are able to meet your needs and satisfy your requests).

Should you require a rental quote simply use our online quote builder. Rental Quotes may be provided via email or by fax.

What if my event plans change (my guest count goes up or down)?
You will be able to make changes in your rental order UP TO 5 WORKING DAYS PRIOR TO THE EVENT DATE (the Change Period) OR Scheduled DELIVERY DATE (WHICHEVER IS EARLIER). Items may not be deleted and item quantities may not be reduced after this time. Changes that increase rental item quantities or add items to your rental order will be accepted, subject to availability, up to 48 hours prior to your event (or delivery) date. Tents and special order linens are subject to different reservation rules. Tent orders cannot be canceled without 10 WORKING DAYS NOTICE. No change in quantities or items may be made once a special linen order is placed. Special order linen deposits are Non-Refundable.


When is my rental balance due?

The rental balance is due and payable when the change period expires (5 days prior to the event or to delivery, whichever is earlier). The rental reservation deposit BECOMES NON-REFUNDABLE when the rental balance becomes due. The rental balance can be paid in person, by telephone or by mail.

Where do I pick up and return my rentals?

Please report to our warehouse for Customer Pickup. Our event consultants will take any payment due and provide a printed rental agreement (contract). A warehouse staff member will direct you to your rented products. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT CUSTOMERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR LOADING, SECURING, and TRANSPORTING THEIR RENTAL ITEMS.  STAFF is NOT REQUIRED TO PROVIDE LOADING OR UNLOADING ASSISTANCE (but may do so at their option).

Customers are asked to ensure that all items on the order are accounted for. Your signature on the rental agreement is your acceptance of EMS’ terms and conditions, including responsibility for returning the rented items on time and in their “as rented” condition. Upon return, you do not need to check in with staff.

How long may I keep my rental items?

The rental period is from “time out” on one rental day until “time in” on the following rental day. Since EMS is closed on Sunday, weekend rentals may be returned after 6:30 PM by appointment only.

What happens if my rental items are returned late?

Late returns are subject to additional charges (one day’s rental for each day the rental return is delayed).

What happens if my rental items are damaged?

Rental orders are subject to an optional 10% Damage Waiver charge on tables, chairs, and linens. The Damage Waiver is NOT insurance but does protect customers against ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE to their rented items. The Damage Waiver does not cover loss, theft, misuse or abuse, intentional damage, loss due to a customer’s failure to take proper care of EMS’s rental product or failure to follow EMS’s product use instructions and product return requirements.  Customer’s who opt not to pay the 10% damage waiver, are responsible for full replacement costs of any damaged or missing item(s).  Your credit card will be charged for the full replacement cost.

How should I return dishware, glassware, flatware, and linens?

All glasses should be emptied and the plates should be scraped off all food, rinsed clean and both returned to their crates and racks in the same manner in which they arrived. Linens should be shaken free of debris and placed in provided laundry bags.